Anoka County Radio Control
AMA Chartered Club #1255

News & Events

Since 1979 the Anoka County Radio Control Club (ACRC) has been dedicated to preserving and encouraging the hobby of building and flying radio control model aircraft. Sharing the thrill and joy of flying radio control aircraft through recruiting new members, educating the public and encouraging spectators to visit our events and meetings. We encourage participation with our on-field flight training where you take the controls and fly a training aircraft provided by the club with an experienced instructor.

Benefits of ACRC membership
  • An AMA registered flying field with a paved runway.
  • Participation in fun flying events and social activities
  • Provide contact with other fliers and builders to help in assembling and flying all types of radio-controlled aircraft.
  • FAA-Recognized Identification Area(FRIA) Remote ID not required.

Spectators always welcome